Nuts & Bolts of Frontline Supervision in a Union Environment

The Nuts & Bolts of Frontline Supervision in a Union Environment is a one (1) day workshop for supervisors and managers involved in day-to-day supervision. The seminar begins with an overview of the National Labor Relations Act and common unfair labor practice charges. Grievance handling and work rules such as attendance and social media are discussed, and case studies of real life situations are analyzed from the perspective of Arbitrators, Unions and Management. As the class size is limited to 25, participants will have an opportunity to engage in detailed discussion and ask questions.

Corrective Discipline/Discharge in the Union Environment

Just Cause and Due Process Criteria
Corrective or Progressive Discipline
Establishing and Enforcing Work Rules
Importance of Disciplinary Investigation
Weingarten Rights

Elements of Discipline/Discharge under "Just Cause", including case studies:

Abusive Conduct
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Falsification of Document
Disruptive Behavior
Off Duty Misconduct
Sleeping on the Job
Unsatisfactory Work Performance

Past Practice

Past Practice Definition and Requirements
Management's Use of Past Practice
Modification or Elimination of "Past Practices"
What "Trumps" Past Practice

Grievances and Grievance Procedures

Grievance and Arbitration Procedures
Grievance Investigation
How to take notes during the investigation
Writing answers to grievances
Dealing with Untimely Grievances
Controlling "Grievance-Bargaining"
Screening Grievances for Arbitration and Arbitration Preparation

Contracting Interpretation Standards

Clear and Unambiguous Language
Intent of the Parties
Avoidance of a Forfeiture
Avoidance of a Harsh, Absurd, or Nonsensical Result
Agreement to be Construed as a Whole


The Nuts & Bolts of Frontline Supervision in a Union Environment will not be held as a public seminar in 2019 or 2020. However, a similar workshop, the Supervisor’s Toolbox: Leadership in a Union Environment, can be scheduled privately at your location for up to 20 individuals at a flat rate of $2,500 plus traditional travel expenses.

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