Bruce R. Lillie, Attorney at Law

Bruce Lillie has over 44 years of labor relations experience as a management attorney, a union representative, and an arbitrator. Additionally, he has conducted over 400 primary and advanced labor relations training presentations and workshops.


  • Management Attorney and Representative
  • Professional Instructor
  • Arbitrator
  • Past Union Business Agent

Attorney/Representative Experience

Bruce Lillie has negotiated over 700 contracts in numerous industries including:
Manufacturing, Education, Health Care, Distribution, Hazardous Waste, Mass Transit, Public Utilities, Non-Profit, Police and Fire, Entertainment, and more!

He has also been an attorney/advocate for over 500 arbitration hearings and has extensive experience with the National Labor Relations Board and various public sector labor boards.

Training Workshops and Seminars

  • Past primary instructor for MSU-HREE Labor Certification Program
  • Collective Bargaining (Primary and Advanced)
  • Labor Law
  • Contract Administration and Past Practice
  • Arbitration
  • Discipline & Discharge
  • Grievance Handling
  • Drug and Alcohol Issues


Bruce Lillie is a member of the American Arbitration AssociationĀ Labor Panel.

Union Representative

Bruce has provided grievance advocacy, organizing, corporate campaigns, and contract negotiations as a union representative.