Poor Performance

A number of clients have requested a workshop related specifically to performance. Accordingly, we've created a comprehensive workshop designed to be presented at your location to supervisors and managers. The training is about 3 hours in duration and is typically limited to twenty-five (25) participants.
This workshop is designed to answer the following questions:
How does the Employer establish performance standards?
How does an Employer discipline an employee for poor performance when the Company has accepted poor performance in the past?
How much training must an Employee have before they can be disciplined for poor performance?
What type and how much supervision must be provided before an Employee can be disciplined for poor performance?
How does the Employer determine if the Employee is willfully under performing versus unable to perform?
What is the difference between poor performance and incompetence?
When is it proper to demote an Employee based on poor performance versus disciplinary action?
Is all poor performance subject to progressive discipline or are there circumstances when poor performance can be the subject of immediate termination?
How does the Employer deal with multiple Employees underperforming at the same time?