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These webinars can be specifically tailored to your organization and presented virtually to your supervisors and staff.

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Corrective Discipline & Discharge in a Union Environment

WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND: There are multiple stages before a grievance ever reaches arbitration, and it starts with the knowledge necessary for successful corrective discipline. This webinar focuses on the progressive discipline process, how to conduct an investigation into alleged misconduct, and the just cause standards arbitrators consider when determining whether a disciplinary action should be overturned. Case studies of common disciplinary issues such as attendance, insubordination, and poor performance will also be discussed.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This webinar is for supervisors and managers at all levels of an organization, as the information is as important for a frontline supervisor interacting day to day with employees as it is for the HR department conducting a full investigation.


Corrective Discipline & Discharge
Corrective/Progressive Discipline
Just Cause Standards
Burdens & Standards of Proof
Conducting Disciplinary Investigation
Weingarten Rights
Elements of Discipline & Discharge under “Just Cause” including:
Safety Violations
Sleeping on the Job
Fights & Altercations
Sexual Harassment
Unsatisfactory Performance
Willful Destruction of Property

Past Practice & Contract Interpretation

WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND: The application of contract language and past practice can be confusing. Additionally, language that once was useful to the parties can become obsolete or irrelevant. Practices that once made sense become a burden. In this webinar, you will learn how a past practice begins and how to change it, as well as how to interpret contract language.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This webinar is for all levels of supervision and management working with a collective bargaining agreement.


Past Practice
Past Practice Definition
Elements of Past Practice
Use of Past Practice
Modification of Past Practice
How to Eliminate a Practice
Contract Interpretation Standards
Clear and Unambiguous Language
Intent of the Parties
Avoidance of a Harsh, Absurd or Nonsensical Result
Agreement to be Construed as a Whole
Construed Against the Drafter